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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Friday, January 10, 2020

Political persecution by coup regime denounced in Bolivia

La Paz, Jan 10 - Lawmaker of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), Sonia Brito, today denounced the persecution that the de facto government is intensifying against members of this political force and like-minded people.

Brito pointed to de facto Government Minister Arturo Murillo, for his slanderous accusations against her, and submitted to the press a certificate from the Judicial Register of Criminal Records (REJAP) which demonstrates that she doesn't face any legal proceedings and hasn't been sentenced for any crime.

'Therefore Mr. Murillo is tarnishing my reputation, my honor. He is lying through the media, taking advantage of the power he has at this moment to defame MAS members,' she told reporters.

Murillo denounced that Brito had a long criminal record, which the legislator refuted on presenting the REJAP certificate.

The lawmaker assured that the de facto minister, who was actively involved in the coup, mentions names and makes suppositions about MAS members, to stain their image.

She stressed that Murillo is defaming the same people who supported an interpellation for him to appear before the Plurinational Legislative Assembly and be questioned about the massacres in Senkata and Sacaba in the context of the protests against the coup d'état.(PL)