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Friday, February 28, 2020
Monday, January 20, 2020

Cuban athletes win decisive victories in German Wrestling Bundesliga

Havana, Jan. 20 - Four victories brought the Cubans, on Saturday, to the success of the Germania Weingarten club on the first date of the final of the German Wrestling Bundesliga.

Wrestlers Javier Duménigo (60 kg) and Luis Orta (67 kg), and the libristas Reineris Andreu (63 kg) and Alejandro Valdés (72 kg), contributed more than half of the triumphs with which their franchise had the KSV Ispringen ( 6-4, 21-9 points) in Nice.

Duménigo defeated Georgian Nugsari Tsurtsumia, the 55 kg world champion in Nur Sultan 2019, who was unable to make it in time for his commitment.

Orta beat 15-0 at local Ibrahim Fallacara, fourth place last year at the German Grand Prix.

Andreu was losing 3-4 when he surprised the Russian Muslim Sadulaev - European sub-champion - with a fast attack that decreed the end of the fight, with the clock indicating 2:45 minutes of the six planned.

Valdés beat the Russian Israil Kasumov 11-2, a medalist in European tournaments several times.

The third edition of the Bavarian competition will conclude on January 25, with the match back at the Weingarten grounds.

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