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Saturday, April 4, 2020
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sabotage on fiber optic cable in Venezuela affects people

Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela, Feb 11- Guarico Governor Miguel Rodriguez said that the sabotage on the fiber optic cable that provide services to Amazonas state cut off communications for two days in the region.

The attack, which was perpetrated recently on La Soledad Bridge, 45 kilometers from San Juan de Payara, joins two other sabotages over the weekend on the warehouses of the CANTV and Movilnet telephone companies, and the damage caused to a line of the Caracas subway.

Rodriguez pointed out that 'these kinds of criminal actions only worsen the situation and seriously affect the entire population without ideological distinctions'.

He condemned the destruction of all seven warehouses of CANTV-Movilnet in Carabobo, where major strategic equipment was damaged. (Prensa Latina)