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Thursday, April 9, 2020
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Albornoz makes tie and Quesada takes command in the Cuban Chess Championship

Havana, Feb 11.- While local Carlos Daniel Albornoz closed his comparison with tables, a good Monday Yasser Quesada enjoyed defeating Elier Miranda in a duel of locals and is now a solo leader with 6.5 points out of nine possible in the National Chess Championship, which only has a couple of dates left in the city of Santa Clara.

Apparently, playing at home is an incentive for a Yasser who has evidently matured as a player and could get his first crown at this level, although he still has one of the most difficult matches, the one that will live against Albornoz, the defending champion.

Precisely Albornoz is his follower in the table of positions with six units after agreeing equality on Monday with the capital Omar Almeida, as published on the website

With that result, Omar rose to third place with a better tiebreaker than Luis Ernesto Quesada from Avila, boards against Santiago Lelys Martínez, and Isán Ortiz from Holguin, who beat Jorge Elías from Camaguey.

Arnaldo Fernández,from Holguin, surpassed the pinareño William Hernández and the local Ermes Espinosa the Havana Yuri González, who was one of the favorites but things have not gone well.

Today the tenth and penultimate match will be played, in which Yasser will move white pieces before Arnaldo, and Albornoz with blacks will be William's opponent.

The other matches will feature Isán-Lelys, Yuri-Luis Ernesto, Omar-Ermes and Jorge-Elier.Positions after nine rounds: Yasser (6.5 points), Bathrobe (6), Omar, Luis Ernesto e Isán (5), Arnaldo (4.5), Jorge, Lelys and Ermes (4), Yuri and William (3 , 5) and Elier (3). (With information and photo of Jit)