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Saturday, April 4, 2020
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Lula da Silva calls to reverse social setbacks in Brazil by Bolsonaro government

Brasilia, Feb. 12 - Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called on the Workers Party (PT) to redouble his role in the Chamber of Deputies to face the setbacks caused by the ultra-right-wing government of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil today.

In this difficult moment in the country's history, in which they promote the dismantling of our sovereignty and workers' rights, the PT bench in Deputies is even more important for the Brazilian people, Lula wrote in the wake of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the political organization (February 10).

He insisted that the party will have to make every effort to resume the course of development with social inclusion.

He highlighted the strategic role of the bank in the application of public policies during the PT governments, between 2003 and before the coup d'etat of 2016.

Without the combative action of the bank, our governments would not have implemented a model of economic development with social inclusion that brought 36 million Brazilians out of extreme poverty, he said.

Such reflections of Lula appeared in an exclusive text for the PT in the camera.

He mentioned his time as a constituent deputy and his incorporation into the judiciary at a time when Brazil was returning to democratic normality after two decades of dictatorship.

He noted that it was only four years, but they left me lessons for a lifetime. I learned, above all, to do politics with my head high.

He recalled that five deputies supported the creation of the PT in 1980 and formed the first bench, which this year celebrates four decades of struggle.

In 1982, he continued, we elected eight deputies, who bravely fought alongside the majority of the Brazilian people for the Já Directives (civil movement claiming for direct presidential elections). But our true baptism of fire came in 1986, with the National Constituent Assembly, the highlight of the redemocratization process in Brazil.

He acknowledged that we did not conquer all the victories that the country needed at that moment of democratic transition, but we made progress in building the foundations of the rule of law.

Also in social protections, in the rights of workers, in the creation of SUS (Single Health System), in the defense of women, blacks, Indians and the environment, among other fundamental points.

Each generation of PT parliamentarians who came later fought bravely in defense of this Constitution. We fight and we will always fight, because this is the story of our party and our bench, he stressed. (Text and Photo: PL)