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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Friday, February 14, 2020

Blood plasma and traditional medicine: hope against Covid-19

Beijing, Feb 14 - Blood plasma from patients who have recovered from the coronavirus, along with traditional medicine bring hope in China after positive results in their application on mild and more severe cases.

A great number of antibodies were discovered in the blood of many recovered patients by one of the hospitals in Wuhan, and upon performing a transfusion a great improvement in their health was noted.

This encouraged the Chinese National Biotechnology Group to prepare special products using this element, with a dozen infected undergoing clinical treatment.

As per reports, between 12 and 24 hours after the first dose the improvement was noticeable, and the patients managed to produce their own antibodies to kill the virus.

The CNBG developed the products from the plasma donated by several people cured from the virus and after a process of its 'deactivation'.

Meanwhile, another Wuhan hospital began admitting patients into a designated wing to apply Chinese traditional medicine.

As a result, some of the patients stopped coughing and their fever subsided, while others' immune systems were strengthened.

Both the traditional medicine and the products derived from blood plasma are becoming relevant given the lack of a hundred-percent effective cure and a vaccine against the virus.

Scientists in and out of China are working in a number of projects researching a cure, but the World Health Organization has said it will be at least 18 months before any comes to light. (PL)