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Friday, January 30, 2009

Earth, music and poetry in Camagüey

By Yolanda Ferrera Sosa.         Photo: Leandro Pérez Pérez

Earth, music and poetry in Camagüey Every two years by the beginning of December, Doña Iris Workshop, of the Camagüeyan ceramist Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria becomes a picturesque breeding ground.

You can find craftspeople there from all over the world which make wonders out of the earth. They choose a place and begin to work – amid colleagues - unleashing their imagination, and letting their hands to mould the local clay.

With the years, the Artistic Ceramic Symposium held in Camagüey city made its way and now it is considered the world’s four most important events of its kind.

The attendance of artists from 19 nations among them from Spain, Italy, Egypt, Germany and the Dominican Republic corroborates what has been said above.
Sponsored by the Plastic Arts Provincial Council, the symposium has in Rodríguez Lasseria and in his workshop the wonderful hosts who do their best to make more pleasant the stay.

“The Symposia - Lasseria says - are not lucrative neither competitive. They are organize to foster friendship and solidarity among those who cultivate the artistic ceramic. These meetings are like bridges through which we can exchange information and experiences. This year Earth, music and poetry is the motto.


Ceramist Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria.The Fifth Artistic Symposium of Ceramic in Camagüey kicked off with the opening of an exhibition at the Gallery of the Plastic Arts Provincial Council.

A total of 60 pieces were exhibited during the event and the Provincial Academy of Arts.
Also during the celebration of the Symposium the Provincial School of Arts Vicentina de la Torre welcomed public and specialists on this discipline who dictated conferences and revealed the mastery accumulated.


Those who give life to this Symposium, agree that this is a useful experience. Italian Danilo Letter, organizer of the First Meeting of Ceramists carried out in 2006 in Sardinia, precisely organized after the meting in Camagüey:

“The Meeting in Sardinia –assured - is as a result of my participation in the 2004 edition of this Symposium. These are excellent opportunities to meet new friends and people who have a critical viewpoint of what you do. I’m very glad to be here.”

For her part, the Argentinean Vilma Villaverde, an authority in this discipline –with an experience of 35 years - confirmed how useful this meeting is:

“I had the privilege to be invited to this event, which has a great quality for the professionalism of its attendees. It is the first time I come to Camagüey and I find a fabulous city.

Beatriz de Alba Fuentes from Madrid admits to be simply delighted and marvelled by this possibility of exchange and of creativity:

“It is very important – she stated - that the pieces we mould and cook stay here, in Camagüey, where the opening of an Artistic Museum of Ceramic is foreseen. Our art will fill its halls. Friendship prevails here as well as humanism, I will be coming in the future.”