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Thursday, January 28, 2021
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Cuba vs. Covid-19: battle for health and economy rescue

Havana, Mar 28 - With the confirmation of the first local contagion of the new coronavirus, Cuba closes today a week of new measures in the midst of the battle to face Covid-19, focused on preserving health and the economy.

As part of the plan, the Cuban authorities announced border restrictions according to which only national citizens and resident foreigners can enter the country.

Since March 24, those who arrive in the country have been transferred to isolation centers, accommodated in educational, health and camping facilities for a 14-day stay under medical supervision.

For their part, the Ministries of Education and Higher Education announced the cessation of school activities, except in nurseries, and the safe and organized return of students to their homes.

As an alternative, a special programming on television was determined to complement the current course in primary and secondary education until it is necessary, while in universities distance work and telework are implemented.

Likewise, other measures related to social isolation were adopted, such as the cessation of interprovincial transport and the suspension of non-essential work activities in the state and private sectors. 

In this sense, the Ministry of Finance and Prices announced the release of the payment of taxes on self-employment activities by government decision or at the request of the workers themselves.

The portfolio approved reducing the tax burden of the state sector on companies affected in their activity levels, while workers who receive wage guarantees will not be subject to personal income taxes or a special contribution to social security.

The plan also provided that local productions are depending on the country as well as the reorientation of food supplies from paralyzed sectors such as Tourism or Education for social benefit.

According to the deputy prime minister and economy minister, Alejandro Gil, the measures adjust investments in the country and prioritize productive, food and other activities.

For her part, the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Díaz, also announced the regulated distribution of food and other products in an equitable manner, a measure aimed at avoiding crowds and, therefore, the spread of the pandemic. (PL)