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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

First National Online Chess Tournament in Cuba

Havana, Apr 1st.- In times of fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, in which the main task is to stay home to avoid infections, Cuba calls the first National Online Chess Tournament, using the well-known platform www.lichess .org.

The contest will be played in two groups of eight teams each, with their protagonists representing all the provinces of the country, the coach of the men's national team, Grandmaster Aramís Álvarez , explained to JIT .

The call was sent to all the territories, and those who wish can request their registration through the provincial commissioners of this sport, officializing their data and especially the nickname with which they will appear on the digital platform.

Although the teams have different numbers of players, this will not influence the classification, since the system takes the results of the best six from each set and creates the final ranking.

The first two sets of each key will go to the final in search of the scepter. The games will be 3 minutes to finish and as many will be played as the time scheduled for each day allows.

The scoring system will be similar to that used on other occasions: each win is awarded with two units, the tables with one and the losses receive zero. The difference lies in the inclusion of the so-called “streak”, that plus that implies adding three points for the third consecutive victory.

It is easy because the system itself does the calculations once the data is entered. In addition, it can be played with a not very fast connection, he assures considering the current connectivity conditions of the Island.

Affordable for those connecting via mobile data, the platform is expected to host games between 9 and 10 at night, when it is proven that network traffic is somewhat reduced. (Text and photo: