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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Talent distinguishes young chess players in Camaguey

By Luis Manuel Pantoja Roca / Radio Cadena Agramonte .

If we analyze the results of Camagüey in the different chess categories in recent years, we can affirm that the province outstands in this sport in Cuba.

In the Grand Master Carlos Daniel Albornoz is currently the main reference, a 20 year old boy who has already won the national championship in the last two editions.

Meanwhile, FIDE Master Ineymig Hernández, 16 years old, occupying fourth place in the last National Chess Championship, holds recognition in this field.

To advance to that decisive stage, Ineymig dominated the semifinal in Holguín.

The chess players also maintain excellent performance at national level.

Result that has been achieved thanks to the efficient work carried out by teachers and technicians in the Provincial Training Center "José Raúl Capablanca " in this city, and in the different academies that exist in various municipalities.

The presence in Cuba of the COVID-19 has not been an impediment for the Camaguey chess players to continue their preparation using the Remote Work modality, which allows them to develop their game through computer programs.

Trying to improve the results of previous stages represents a great challenge for the chess family in Camagüey, which to achieve this has the necessary technical force and a group of young players who have shown great interest and above all great talent. (Photo: File)