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Monday, January 25, 2021
Saturday, April 4, 2020

Jumper Juan Miguel Echevarría trains from home with a view to the Olympics

Havana, Apr 4.- The dream of climbing to the top of the podium and showing an Olympic gold is something postponed for the long jumper from Camaguey, Juan Miguel Echevarría, who like the rest of the Cubans and the world lives these days between the expectation and the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

You have to see the positive side of everything, now I will come to Tokyo with one more year of experience and that may be better for my objective, he comments in waiting times for the virus that has taken over the planet and forces different agendas.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be in the summer of 2021, a delay of 12 months than expected, and Juan Miguel will compete a few days before turning 23, but he already assures that he will present himself with the same conviction with which he was preparing.

What we have to do is take care of ourselves, stay at home and stay informed, but I am sure that in a while we will be able to return to normality, train and compete again for the dream of Tokyo, the champion says in a short telephone conversation with JIT Indoor World Cup of 2018 and Outdoor Bronze of 2019.

Juan Miguel passed in a few months from being a promise to stroll among the most followed figures in world athletics.

His images flying over the sandbox, with marks that have not been enjoyed in a Cuban for a long time, led him to become number one on the list among fans.

Personal record of 8.68 meters and others beyond, not approved by light winds in favor, accompany his course; even in this 2020 everything went on wheels (8.41 indoors) until the COVID-19 changed the world.

We will see when we overcome this and compete again, I will do it with many wishes and still looking for my goals, he ratified hours before settling temporarily in his native Camagüey, from where he will follow the instructions of his coach Daniel Osorio to maintain some physical shape.

We have already agreed and I am going to work on exercises with garters and other things, which is what I can do from home. We have a weekly plan planned and we will review them by phone, detailing how the next weeks will go.

The only important thing now is to fulfill to defeat the Coronavirus ... Tokyo is not going to escape ... a year later I will arrive with more eagerness, he confesses aware that it is in his hands to fulfill that dream. (Text and Photo: