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Friday, September 18, 2020
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Cuban Lizt Alfonso invites to dance when pandemic ends

Havana, Apr 14.- After this happens "we are going to dance a son", the Cuban teacher Lizt Alfonso invited today when promoting on social networks the video clip of the same name of Eliades Ochoa.

The company Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) accompanies the renowned guitarist, singer and leader of the Cuarteto Patria in a refreshing, joyous, very Cuban clip that defends a style of song and dance originated on the island from a mixture of musical characteristics from Spain and Africa.

LADC has been applauded in more than 200 cities around the world for its impressive fusion style, which combines elements of flamenco, ballet, contemporary dance, folklore and dissimilar popular dances from this Caribbean island.

That syncretism between the Spanish and African roots that defines Culture in Cuba shines with pride in each of Alfonso's shows and, therefore, in this new video clip with his own choreography and that of the teacher Diana Fernández.

The expansion of the Covid-19 stopped the intense streak of presentations by LADC, but it did not stop the work, it only modified the days, moved the training sessions to the homes and the new projects are now continuing to take place on the teachers' computers.

Members of the company and the school share in social networks details of some sessions of the physical preparation assumed in these days of quarantine; while the teacher Lizt —as many call her—, among various tasks, promotes the new video clip of Ochoa and the Patria Quartet, published by the singer himself on YouTube.

On this occasion, we are happy to be able to enter the houses and give hope. Of course, from the houses and after this happens, "we are going to dance a son", proposes the director. (Text and photo: PL)