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Friday, September 25, 2020
Saturday, April 25, 2020

Cuban chess players conquer first stage of the Battle of America digital tournament

Havana, Apr 25.- The Cuban team won the first week of the Battle of America Chess tournament, called only for women, an initiative to keep the sport active in times of social isolation.

A total of 26 players represented the Island in a meeting called to play on the digital platform and which this time had the participation of nine casts.

Cubans completed 289 points and had the highest contribution from Lisandra Llaudy, who added 41 points.

Lisandra Ordaz, national champion, was the second best scorer with 38 units, while Yerisbel Miranda, was third in the individual section, with 31 points.

The event -as explained by coach Aramís Álvarez- will be played every Thursday and will always constitute an independent contest, hence his students already accumulate a first scepter.

On this occasion, nine teams were presented, but it is not ruled out that the number will increase for the following days, because, as is logical, the dissemination and interest in measuring with well-known players in the region will grow.

Following Cuba were now Colombia (253 points) and Panama (184). The rest of the classification was completed as follows: Chile (179), Venezuela (176), the Dominican Republic (154), Costa Rica (91), Honduras (70) and Nicaragua (41).

This form of Internet gaming, with games lasting three minutes, has become the most popular way to stay active in the midst of the current world scenario. (Text and photo: )