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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Thursday, April 30, 2020

Cuban Baseball defines strategy

Havana, Apr 30.- Although the country's diamonds are closed and athletes try to keep fit in their homes, Cuban Baseball is not stopped, as its managers and specialists continue the tasks arising from the recently approved national strategy.

In the last hours, preliminary lists of players considered as talents have begun to be sent to the territories, called to join the Training Center 2020-2024.

That, in other words, means the identification of figures with conditions to maintain or obtain in that period the high returns that the national team will require and the current recruitment strategy in international leagues.

However, as Ernesto Reynoso, national baseball director, explained to JIT, it is a live relationship, open to new proposals and all necessary corrections.

In the first version of the roster, prepared taking into account the criteria of the main coaches of the country and each territory, nine receivers, 18 infielders, ten outfielders and 53 pitchers are included, with ages not exceeding 25 years.

The approved process foresees the evaluation of each athlete during the 60th National Series, which has no start date yet. This task will correspond to the members of the technical-methodological areas in each province.

Initial controls have been set for 15 days before the start of the Series, one week after the first 45 games of the calendar have ended, and 15 days beyond the 75 scheduled games.

These have been identified based on essential requirements such as their technical and physical abilities, height and body weight. (Text and photo: