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Friday, September 25, 2020
Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cuban chess players repeat victory in Batalla de América tournament

 Havana, May 2 - The Cuban team won for the second week in a row in the Battle of America online Chess tournament, called only for women and as an initiative to provide competitive alternatives in the midst of the unusual situation caused by the COVID pandemic -19.

Cubans accumulated 421 units and were ahead of Colombia (354) and Ecuador (287), always taking into account the individual accumulations of the 15 best players in each group.

Oleiny Linares from Santiago (38 points), who plays with username Ole83, had the best performance among the 32 Cuban players at this stage of a contest that takes place every Thursday.

Pinar del Rio Yerisbel Miranda (Mititi) completed 35 lines and four fewer accumulated from Holguin Lisandra Llaudy (Llaudy) and Santiago de Cuba Yaniela Forgas (Yani92), all regular in the Cuban national championships.

Among the best-known players who excelled in the day is the Ecuadorian Marta Fierro (marticafierro), third in the general list of maximum accumulators with 36 points.

Nine teams participated in the initial phase of this league and Cuba won with 289 units, followed by Colombia (253) and Panama (184). (ACN) (Photo: Jit)