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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Saturday, May 9, 2020

Fernando de Dios Sugar Factory fulfills sugar production plan in Holguín

Holguín, May 8 - The Fernando de Dios sugra factory, in the Báguanos municipality , completed its sugar production plan for the current harvest today, the first to achieve this goal in the Cuban province of Holguín, and will continue operating in order to contribute a greater number of tons of this item to the national economy.

Stable milling, together with favorable industrial performance, were decisive indicators in the achievement. Fernando de Dios, one of the five sugar factories in Holguín and the penultimate of the territory to start operations in the 2019-20 harvest, is in a position to contribute 2,000 tons over 21 488 tons already produced, which was his plan in the current season, according to the information provided by the José Rubalcaba, CAN´s correspondent in Holguín.

To achieve this purpose, the industry, located in the town of Tacajó , about 45 kilometers northwest of the capital city, has the required cane volumes and the technical conditions, which in compliance with its plan registered manufacturing efficiency levels above the expected.

Mauricio Martínez Domínguez, industrial director of Fernando de Dios, reported that the stability maintained in the cane supply by the producing entities was decisive in the achievement.

The province also has the Urbano Noris, Cristino Naranjo, Loynaz Hechavarría and López-Peña plants, which remain active. Workers cane producers work day after day in order to produce as much sugar as possible for the rest of the harvest. (ACN)