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Saturday, September 26, 2020
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Argentina advocates end of US actions against Cuba and Venezuela

Buenos Aires, May 11 - The Argentine Movement for Solidarity with Cuba ( MasCuba ) today sent a letter to Foreign Minister Felipe Solá in which they advocate that the Government of this nation repudiate the actions of the United States against the island and Venezuela.

In the letter sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the movement indicates that for several years the US government has made decisions that affect the physical, cultural, productive, and sovereign security of the peoples and threatens sovereignty and integrity with the installation of US military bases in the continent.

They also refer to how the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba has already been causing high economic losses for the government of that island for 60 years, hinders trade with other countries and threatens the freedom of each country to choose its democratic model and system. political, cultural, social and economic.

The blockade, the letter specifies, intentionally causes the death of many Cubans, which is why it shows the genocidal character of this perverse practice in the United States and this sinister mechanism extends it to other Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Nicaragua.

On the other hand, they point out the very serious actions organized by the North American government in these times of pandemic, not only to put a price on the 'head' of the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, but he also hires a company from his country to deploy an invasion to the territory of that South American nation.

That is why we urgently request you, in your role as Minister of Foreign Relations, to express yourself in rejection and rejection of foreign military actions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in order to immediately cease these operations as as well as the criminal blockades against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, 'stresses the MasCuba .

Lastly, MasCuba expressed its support for the initiative for Argentina to stop belonging to the Lima Group, which, manipulated by the United States Department of State, has as its sole purpose the destabilization of popular governments in Our America, concludes the letter. (PL)