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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A call of love

By Dayessi García Sosa / Radio Cadena Agramonte .

There are so many nurses worthy of recognition and applause! Luckily, there are initiatives such as "My encounter with history", a noble project that brings together the retirees of that union in Camagüey to transmit their experiences to new generations, and thus continue to feel useful.

Xiomara Solís Cruz is one of the founders of this initiative since 2010, who explains that, in essence, it is a gathering that is held on the third Friday of each month at Casa Finlay , with the aim of sending them the story from the profession to specialty students. "It arose through a subject called Nursing History and the decision that as a closure of this the life stories of those in our province who have dedicated soul and body to the profession were built."

This group of courageous women and men meets regularly and carries out other activities that revive their many years spent in Nursing.

"In this space we meet dear colleagues, we recall anecdotes, and we also perform the ritual of lighting the candle to the memory of all the Nursing staff who today do not accompany us for different reasons and to ask for peace and health for the world".

Providing a helping hand is part of the daily life of Xiomara Solís, who cannot conceive of his existence without his profession.

"Being a nurse is a life dedicated to doing good, it is in the soul. Right now, most of us, due to our age, belong to the most vulnerable group before Covid-19, but we have our best disposition to collaborate in the confronting the pandemic if necessary. ". (Photo: Taken from )