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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Historian' s Office in Camagüey towards cultural promotion

Camagüey, May 13 .- The Office of the Historian (OHCC) of this city develops various actions as part of the confrontation with Covid-19 in Cuba.

This institution, whose cultural work has been recognized by Unesco representatives, is currently involved in information work and journalistic coverage, including in isolation centers, as well as sanitation tasks.

In support of disinfection work in public spaces, led by the Provincial Defense Council, OHCC specialists recently focused on Agramonte Park , the heart of the Historic Center, a World Heritage Site.

A smaller number of people still circulate through the old Plaza de Armas, however, preventive measures are taken to prevent the spread of the disease in a province that has reported 47 infections to date.

Meanwhile, the OHCC's Principe Audiovisuals group, which also includes radio broadcasts, maintains communication tasks towards residents in the vicinity of the city's busiest arteries.

We try to report everything that happens with information from national media websites for those who for essential reasons had to leave their homes, says Mailet Padilla, lead specialist for the Office's communication group.

In Camagüey, where nearly 800 thousand people live, the confrontation with SARS-CoV-2 is directed by the Ministry of Public Health, in order to comply with the control regulations programmed in the country's strategy against the pandemic. (Text and Photo: PL)