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Monday, November 30, 2020
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

EGREM launches new albums dedicated to Cuban National Hero

Havana, May 19.- The Recordings and Musical Editions Company (EGREM) premieres today two new singles from album Martí in Amaury. Commemorative edition 1978-2020, dedicated to the Cuban National Hero, on the 125th anniversary of his fall in combat.

The record material began in 1978, when EGREM, in co-production with the Casa de las Américas, published the LD Versos de Martí, with the performances of the Cuban singer-songwriter Amaury Pérez Vidal and the advice of Roberto Fernández Retamar.

According to a press release, 42 years after that recording there were still ten musicalisations of texts by Marti, which, with the general direction of Amaury Pérez, the executive production of Elsida González and the production and musical direction of Juan Manuel Ceruto, originated a remake of that beautiful album, now with the participation of diverse vocalists, and arrangements by young musicians.

Singers Adrián Berazaín and Mauricio Figueiral, Eduardo Sosa, Raúl Torres, David Blanco, Leonardo García, Annie Garcés, Dúo Buena Fe feat Alexander Abreu, Luna Manzanares, Daniel Torres, Ivette Cepeda and César López, are among the voices chosen for this  edition, where only one bonustrack is added: “A Enma”, interpreted by Daniel Torres Corona, which does not appear in the 1978 original.

In the middle of recording this beautiful project, the alarm was unleashed in Cuba by the Covid-19 and several musicians were pending to conclude their participation.

However, EGREM will premiere on the main digital platforms such as Spotyfy, ITunes, Deezer, and in other media two songs in advance of what this album will be.

One of them will be Carmen, played by the duo Buena Fe feat Alexander Abreu, and the second Cartas de España II, by Annie Garcés.  (Text and Photo: ACN)