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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New studies on Covid-19 prevalence start in Cuba

Havana, May 19 - The Cuban Ministry of Public Health has already started a study of prevalence of Covid-19, including a representative sample of the entire Cuban population.

In an interview with Dr. Luis Carlos Silva, an expert in sampling techniques, published by the Infomed website, the specialist clarifies that this research is the first of its kind in the Americas region and part of recommendations from the WHO, with the aim of deepening the propagation capacity of the new coronavirus.

"The prevalence study tries to verify the degree to which the virus has circulated in the population, the presence of antibodies generated by the organism is measured once it is attacked by the pathogen," said Dr. Silva.

Regarding the possible immunity due to the degree of presence of antibodies, the expert reiterated that this is still unknown, but there is hope in that regard.

Meanwhile, the prevalence study identifies the degree to which the subjects have the disease at the time of measurement, or have had it in the 14 days prior to its appearance in the body.

Although both investigative variants are developed in the acute phases of the epidemic, preferably, this is a resource that is valid for any time, he assures, especially if, as in our case, the same subjects will be repeated periodically.

On how this study will be carried out in Cuba, the expert said that the measurements will be carried out on a representative sample of the entire population.  Almost 4,000 people were chosen, residing in 1,300 homes, selected with random techniques in 263 clinics across the country.

The collection of biological samples will last for 63 days from its beginning on May 12, and the same subjects will be repeated periodically, every 21 days, on three other occasions, and the monitoring will be closed on July 24, 2020.

The first cut is using the real-time PCR diagnostic test, one of the most accurate laboratory methods, and in the following, serological tests will also be carried out. (Text and Photo: ACN)