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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Friday, May 22, 2020

Cuban online applications accessible in times of the new coronavirus

Havana, May 22.- Unlike other countries, in Cuba the first steps are taken to connect society, but the interaction of citizens with new technologies is increasing. This is confirmed by the six million cell phone subscribers, including 3.7 with access to mobile data, according to official information released at the end of 2019.

The Cuban News Agency offers five national applications, available on the Apklis platform ( that will help you in the days of Covid-19.

1- Virtual Diagnosis(

Designed by the University of Informatics Sciences, it allows to survey the population about their current state of health. It is, we could say, the virtual version of the active investigation carried out by the personnel of the sector in each community of the national geography.

It works with Internet access and is free of cost, in addition, the information provided there is transferred to the centers established in the municipal and provincial Health Departments.

2- toDus (

It is an instant messaging tool, similar to WhatsApp, ideal in times of coronavirus so that distance is not an impediment when communicating with friends and family.

3- Transfermóvil (

With it you can pay the bills for telephone, electricity, water, gas, ONAT taxes, money order, along with benefits from the telecommunications company. In addition, it is the tool with which you can pay for products in the virtual stores of Cimex and Tiendas Caribe (in the latter you can also use EnZona)

4- MiClaseTV (

If you are a student or you help your child in his teaching preparation during the current stage, MiClaseTV will allow you to download the television activities planned by the Ministry of Education to view them offline so that you can delve into the content or answer questions.

5- Porter @ (

Porter @ is an easy tool that has the purpose of organizing qeues, putting a stop to the hoarders. It is currently used in stores in provinces such as Holguín.

Easy to use, it is entered (preferably by one of the store's dependents) the identity card number of each person in the queue, which will be recorded in a database and will allow detecting if a customer dials twice.

In the current context, these apps allow you to remain isolated at home and comply with sanitary measures. (Text and Photo: ACN)