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Sunday, August 9, 2020
Saturday, May 23, 2020

EnZona app recently updated for e-commerce in Cuba

Havana, May 23.- The Defense Information Technology Company (Xetid) presented a new update to its electronic commerce application, EnZona , which brings, among other innovations, the possibility of verifying the electric service account status.

As reported in the platform's Twitter account, through Eliz, an online personal assistant, you can consult and interact with the electricity bill.

Due to the health situation caused by the new coronavirus, since the end of March people have been able to access the payment platform free of charge, which accumulated more than 53,000 active users at the beginning of this month.

Developed by XETID, from the platform, available for PC and mobile, commercial and financial operations can be carried out.

To use it, it is essential to create a user and register the magnetic card associated with the Metropolitan or BPA banks.

EnZona has two types of accounts: customers and business, the first is used primarily for transactions between natural persons with all companies or entities that offer gastronomic services, among others.

While the second, in addition to providing customers with information about the entity, allows you to receive payments for services and show information on what is offered. (Text and Photo: ACN)