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Saturday, August 15, 2020
Monday, May 25, 2020

Venezuela denounces illegal sale of Citgo Petroleum y in the US

Caracas, May 25 .- The Venezuelan Government denounced the illegal sale of the Citgo Petroleum subsidiary in the United States, after a judicial decision by the Delaware District Court.

In an official statement from the Executive, released by the Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza , it is highlighted that such sentence highlights a plan by the Donald Trump administration to confiscate assets owned by the State and the companies of Petróleos de Venezuela ( PDVSA ), with the complicity of the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó.

The diplomat described these actions as an act of modern piracy through a process that lacks legitimacy.

Arreaza refers that the text of the complaint makes it clear how behind these events is a fraudulent representation of the Venezuelan right and PDVSA , which is not only illegal, but acts to the detriment of the national interest, to the benefit of interventionist intentions.

The document alerts the international community that they should remain very vigilant in this case, since it shows the actions that the United States is willing to carry out, even against the international and internal legal order, to assert his interests on strategic foreign investments. (Text and Photo: PL)