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Saturday, September 26, 2020
Monday, May 25, 2020

The Netherlands reject inclusion of Cuba in terrorism list

The Hague, The Netherlands, May 25 - Political and social organizations based in the Netherlands today condemned the inclusion of Cuba in the United States' list of countries that do not cooperate against terrorism, which they described as illegal and false.

We support peaceful Cuba and join the rejection of various actors in the world to the spurious certification, based on falsehoods, slander and the hostile agenda of the Trump administration towards the island, the New Communist Party (NCPC) stressed in a joint statement.

The NCPN and the Ethiopian-Cuban community, made up of citizens of that African country who studied in Cuba, warned that the country has been the victim of terrorist acts in the last 60 years, organized and financed from US soil, that has welcomed those responsible, with official complicity.

Cuba had been removed from the unilateral list in 2015 by then President Barack Obama, in the midst of the process of rapprochement between Havana and Washington, applauded on a global scale and reversed by Trump.

We demand that Cuba be excluded from this ominous list, the organizations of the Netherlands affirmed in the document entitled "Call to respect for the dignity and sovereignty of Cuba."

According to the NCPN and the Ethiopian-Cuban community, the new slander of the United States government cannot hide the achievements of the Revolution or the humanitarian and solidarity work of its doctors, who have been saving lives throughout the world for decades.The same health professionals who now support the fight against Covid-19 in countries in need of help, they noted.

In the joint statement, in addition to condemning the inclusion of the island in the list, they demanded that the North American government clarify what happened in the April 30 attack on the embassy, ​​as a contribution to global anti-terrorism efforts and respect for international law, justice and civilized relations between countries.

The Cuban embassy in the Netherlands thanked the solidarity of both organizations, which it described as traditional. (PL)