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Friday, August 14, 2020
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cuban Government reiterates need to maintain measures against Covid-19

Havana, May 26 .- The Cuban Government reiterated its position to maintain the measures applied in the country against Covid-19, even with the tendency to decrease in the number of confirmed cases, with six this Monday.

At the meeting with the task force, Marrero Cruz pointed out as a priority "food production and also the battle against speculators and price increases, which are aspects that are repeatedly raised by the population”.

The Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda, explained that 2, 068 people remain in Cuba for the attention and surveillance of Covid-19. That figure is the lowest since April 22, when we reached more than 10, 700 people.

96.8% of the patients diagnosed with the disease who are still admitted, he added, have a stable clinical evolution; accumulated 82 deceased, none this Monday; and 15 medical discharges were granted, with which 1,704 recovered patients are reported.

Regarding the local broadcasting events, he reported that 34 have ended and ten remain.

Given the course that the epidemic has been taking in Cuba, the authorities of Havana, Villa Clara and Matanzas reported at the meeting, the three provinces with the highest number of confirmed cases in the country: 942, 216 and 191, respectively.

The governor of the capital, Reinaldo García Zapata, explained that 205 people remain in the territory, 84 of them confirmed with the new coronavirus and 121 suspects. The hospital occupancy rate, he said, is 18% and the intensive care rate 3%, the lowest that have been recorded.

Other good news came from Villa Clara, a province that in the last fifteen days has only reported four positive cases of Covid-19. Of the total infected in the territory, 92.1% are recovered; and the two open transmission events do not report new cases in more than two weeks and all those involved are on medical discharge. (Text: (Photo: Revolution Studies)