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Saturday, August 15, 2020
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Absurd protests in the United States backed by Donald Trump

Washington, May 26 .- Democratic and Republican figures condemn advocates of carrying arms who hung a doll with the face of the Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear .

According to local media, the symbolic lynching occurred at a rally in front of the state capitol called by the Take Back Kentucky group with the aim of celebrating the Second Amendment to the Constitution and rejecting the stay-at-home orders taken in the face of coronavirus.

In the final moments of the demonstration in which hundreds of people participated, the organizers led a crowd to the governor's mansion as part of an attempt to deliver a message calling for the Democrat to resign.

The episode drew criticism from lawmakers from the two main political parties, including Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who tweeted that the move was unacceptable and that there was no room for hate in Kentucky.

Democratic State Representative Charles Booker, who will challenge McConnell for his seat in the country's upper house in next November's election, described the performance as vile and traumatic.

In turn, Democrats in the Kentucky House of Representatives said in a statement that what happened is the result of hate rhetoric seen on Capitol Hill earlier this month in protest against the measures taken against the virus, which was implicitly tolerated by the Republican Party.

What happened, they added, is an act that reeks of hatred and intimidation and does nothing more than undermine our core work to combat this deadly disease and restore our economy safely.

Those protests have had the backing of President Donald Trump, who advocates a rapid economic reopening despite the warning from Health experts about a possible rebound in cases. (Text and Photo: PL)