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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Monday, July 13, 2020

Entities of the gastronomy sector in Holguín join the proposals of the summer 2020

Holguín, Jul 13- The Mayabe Valley recreational complex , located on the outskirts of the Holguin capital and one of the most comprehensive in terms of gastronomic and recreational services in the eastern province, is inserted into the summer 2020 program under the measures sanitary hygiene oriented in the country within the post-COVID-19 recovery phase.


Ricardo Díaz Ávila, director of gastronomy of this entity, told the ACN that the facility opens in the current summer through the usual proposals such as amusement park, pool area and its various offers from strict compliance with the details of Public Health to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, which has not registered positive cases within the territory of Holguin since May 5.

The recreational program of this stage will have within the Holguin territory the 32 accommodation systems that the province has, but open to 60 percent of its capacity in accordance with the specifications of the health system before COVID-19, said the director .

As a result of the measures implemented to prevent the spread of the epidemic, it was approved to limit these services only to guests and to eliminate the traditional days that were previously inserted in recreational programs, as a way to avoid crowds and ensure the health of both customers as well as workers, he added.

The gastronomic offerings in the restaurants, Díaz Ávila argued, will remain as one more option for the summer, to which the bars add 50 percent of capacity within this second phase of post-COVDI-19 recovery. (ACN)