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Friday, August 14, 2020
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

New mindset for new normality

By Rosa María Moros Fernández / Radio Cadena Agramonte

The fact that the province of Camagüey accounts more than 60 days without new cases diagnosed with Covid-19, does not mean that we lower our guard or fail to comply with the measures indicated for the current second phase of the post-pandemic recovery stage.

Every day statistics ratify in our country, and in the world, the growing trend of asymptomatic cases at the time of diagnosis, which explains the latent danger of the new coronavirus, a silent disease that progresses unstoppably and has already claimed more than half a million of lives on the planet.  

The early adoption in Cuba of preventive measures, even before the appearance of the disease itself in the territory, and the accurate management of it once the first cases were detected a little over four months ago, were key in the favorable behavior shown today by the National outlook for SARS-Cov-2 containment. 

As the Cuban health authorities have explained, what it is about now and in the future is to avoid the emergence of outbreaks associated with irresponsible behavior, of people who ignore the importance of protecting themselves with the face mask, maintaining the systematic disinfection of surfaces and hands, and stick to social distancing in public spaces. 

Incorporating such habits into our daily lives is valid not only in times of a pandemic, but also in moments of torrid summer heat, when large crowds proliferate in streets, parks, tourist centers, shopping malls and recreational areas, which are common during these months of the year. 

The forecasts that we adopt will never be superfluous, if we bear in mind that other seasonal diseases also proliferate during this seasonal period, such as acute diarrheal diseases, respiratory diseases, or those caused by the Aedes Aegipty mosquito . 

So, the permanent call is and will be: Take care !, for yourself, for yours and for others. The battle for health implies a change of mentality in different circumstances, which is why we are all involved, from home to the spaces we travel through, the workplace, and even vehicles. 

We must also learn to demand similar attitudes from those around us, in this phase of new normality that, without a doubt, marks notable differences between before and after the appearance of Covid-19. (Photo: Humberto Cid González)