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Friday, September 25, 2020
Friday, July 17, 2020

World Chess Olympiad online, a major challenge for Albornoz

Havana, Jul 17.- GM Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera joins the Cuban roster for the first time, who will represent us, starting on July 22, at the World Chess Olympiad online, an event with atypical characteristics, due to its technological demands.

The challenge for the champion of our country will be enormous, due to the level of the competitors he will face in the under-20 category, in which he will compete alongside MF Ineymig Hernández, also from Camagüey.

In statements to the Granma newspaper, Albornoz expressed his joy at being in an Olympiad that, even via internet, constitutes a reason for satisfaction and an award for his work, because it will allow them to measure up against the best chess players in the world and gain experience.

Regarding the characteristics of the competition, which includes two phases, with a game pace of 15 minutes and a five-second bonus, the talented player expressed that he is not very fond of that type of tournament, because he prefers the classic games, where he can see the eyes and the reaction of the opponent.

"Whatever the competition and the way it is carried out, the training is only one, and it is based on preparing for the three basic aspects of Chess: the opening, the middle game and the finals," said the Cuban champion, who considers that, when acting online, due to the intensity of the games, psychological aspects influence that can determine their outcome.

He explained that he tries to practice with the mouse and to develop abilities inherent to that way of playing, which will be necessary for him during the Olympiad, something complex that, with the help of the family, he manages to attenuate. (Taken from Granma) (Photo: File)