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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Saturday, July 18, 2020

Heading to Japan Despaigne and Gracial

Havana, Jul 18.- The exchange of Cuban sports managers with baseball players Alfredo Despaigne and Yurisbel Gracial became a lively dialogue , shortly before they began traveling to Japan.

Lacking formalities, the meeting led by the first vice president of INDER, Raúl Fornes, allowed listening to the stars of the Falcons of SoftBank declare themselves recovered from the injuries that brought them to the Island.

Both highlighted the support received to leave behind their discomforts and maintain preparedness levels adjusted to the circumstances imposed by the Covid-19, while enjoying a period of time rarely dedicated before to the family.

Fornés recalled that the maxim of prioritizing health always prevailed in the decision to fully comply with the medical recommendations over expediting efforts for the return, and urged them to take extreme measures of prevention associated with the pandemic.

"For Cuba you are not and will not be a commodity, that is why we support that they be attended here, we were aware of their developments and we insisted that they only return once fully restored," he emphasized.     

In another part of the conversation, also animated by INDER Vice President Ariel Sainz, the players praised the good performances of their compatriots on that circuit and declared themselves motivated to face the challenge of responding to the demands of the Japanese league.

"We feel good, ready to do what is expected of us," Despaigne said before recalling that the departure to the competition scenarios will have as a preamble the fulfillment of the quarantine established as a result of Covid-19. (Jit) (Photo: File)