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Saturday, September 26, 2020
Friday, July 24, 2020

Swiss Attorney General denies Lula access to Odebrecht files

Brasilia, Jul 24.- The Swiss Prosecutor General's Office rejected the request of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's defense to access files of the Odebrecht company, which may lead to proving the innocence of the former Brazilian president.

According to the UOL news portal, the documents could include the originals of the Odebrecht registration system, contained on a server.

In a letter, the Bern prosecution indicated that access is not possible because Lula is not a defendant in Switzerland.

According to the Public Ministry of the European country, only the people who participate in the proceedings of the Swiss courts can have access to the file.

The defensive investigation of the former worker leader requested documents from Odebrecht and the Ministry of Justice, in addition to initiating consultations in Switzerland.

Lula was twice convicted by the Federal Justice of the southern state of Paraná. A case for the so -called triplex of Guaruja and another by the site Atibaia . The former president also faces a lawsuit in the city of Curitiba for alleged bribes to the Lula Institute.

The former head of state always responds that he is innocent before all the charges of the Federal Public Ministry of Paraná. In both cases, he appeals to the higher courts to try to reverse their sentences.

UOL indicated that Lula hired lawyers from Switzerland to search the records. A first legal evaluation confirmed the feasibility of adopting measures in this regard.

The files were used by the Lava Jato judicial operation to point out Odebrecht's illegal payments on the purchase of the Lula Institute land.

Taking into account the investigations, Lula would have received 12 million reais (about 2.4 million dollars) from the construction company as a bribe.

But the lawyers of the founder of the Workers' Party warn that Lava Jato's complaint is not based on the original forms obtained by the Swiss authorities, but on a copy of the material delivered in Brazil by Odebrecht itself.

The lawyers even warn that the documents were manipulated by the construction company. (Text and photo: PL)