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Friday, September 25, 2020
Friday, July 24, 2020

Agroforestal in Santiago de Cuba expands sales to the foreign exchange market

Santiago de Cuba, Jul 24 - The Agroforestry Company Gran Piedra Baconao in Santiago de Cuba (Forsan) expands the offer of its products in virtual stores and others of the CIMEX chain, in response to the need to earn exportable lines and contribute foreign currency to the country's economy. 

Eloy Castro, Development, Business and Investments specialist in the entity, said today in this city that they are prepared to cover the demand for charcoal from the marabou (Dichrostachys cinerea), very well accepted in countries like Israel and others in Asia and Europe, for the quality of deliveries and profits. 

Projects approved with the firm Compacto Caribe show cardboard boxes with a volume of 10 kilograms at the price of 4.35 CUC (Cuban convertible pesos) to cover requests from the self-employed (non-state) sector, the so-called paladares and others in the western zone of Cuba, and expand to other regions, depending on the decision to use the fuel.

Castro reported that they market under the BRASARDE brand and from now on for exports they will also be the cases.

This program responds to the experience of Forsan that creates and markets the fuel since its foundation, first mixed with other woods, and now it is pure Marabou. Nine basic Cooperative Production units in the capital are hired in the production and processing of coal, with advice, presence and sales from Forsan, thereby reducing costs, saving on transportation and strengthening relations between companies of the National Group which just turned 20 years old. 

The specialist pointed out that they manufacture the product also in the province of Camagüey, from where they will send 200 tons abroad at the end of August this year, even though the process was halted by the COVID-19 quarantine. 

A coal beneficiary plant for the eastern zone will start running next September, thereby increasing the conditions of the workers dedicated to this work and increasing the response to foreign demands. 

Castro added that in the coming months they fulfill this commitment, while the versed interact to ensure that this furniture, highly requested at fairs and exhibitions in national currency, meets the requirements of measures, quality of the raw material, presentation, durability and others required for imports substitution. (ACN)