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Saturday, September 26, 2020
Saturday, July 25, 2020

MAS denounces postponement of elections in Bolivia as abusive

La Paz, Jul 25.- “The announcement of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to postpone elections until October 18 is abusive and arbitrary,” declared the Movement to Socialism-Political Instrument for Peoples Sovereignty (MAS- IPSP).

" The decision of that instance without prior consultation with representatives of the political sectors and the Legislative Assembly violates laws 1266, 1297 and 1304, " the left-wing entity said in a statement.

" These laws state that the TSE can only set elections at most six of September of 2020 “, added the statement signed by the bed of the MAS-IPSP majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

The parliamentarians of that organization demanded that the TSE respect the Constitution and the laws for the general elections, because otherwise, the country will face a blow to democracy and a provocation to the Bolivian people.

According to the text, that Court has the challenge of complying with the people so that it can have a legitimate and democratically elected Government, through elections on September 6 with the agreed biosecurity measures.

" The transitional government irresponsibly uses the pandemic for political purposes to extend itself in power and leave Bolivia today in an unprecedented economic, political and health crisis, " added the statement.

" Proof of this is the exponential multiplication of cases registered by the country, along with the lack of biosecurity measures, massive tests and space in collapsed hospitals, " states the MAS-IPSP statement.

The president of the TSE, Salvador Romero, announced his determination to change the date of the six -September to Sunday 18 October, with a possible second round on November 29 and held by the authorities in December.

This is the third time the government postponed the elections in the country since he took office in November, as the first date was three May, the second the two in August and the third on six -September. (Text and photo: PL)