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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Every effort has a reward

By Elianis Cutiño López / Radio Cadena Agramonte

Working in a radio station can be stressful, especially a 24 hour schedule, where the tension multiplies for each minute on air, and informative and artistic programs are combined in the best possible way.

In an effort to be faithful to reality, the routine in this media includes a dozen journalists who, like programming, are kept up to date on the news.

As one of them, I confess that the last few months have been hard, full of responsibility in a different scenario due to a disease never seen before, loaded with sacrifices so that accurate information was not lacking, the interview with specialists, the chronicles of the heroes of the day to day, of those that abound in Camagüey.

The station never stops, but so many stories of sleeplessness are impregnated in radio broadcasters, like myself, that with the concern of stringing together the correct words and the precise effects, I saw the night come while I went out of my way, for example, so that the testimony of that patient positive to the Covid-19, reflected the full magnitude of her experience.

A few days ago, after leaving an interview, I ran into a man who, because of his blindness, needed my help to travel on a busy road, and while we were talking he was thoughtful and said: "I know you."

Amazed, because I did not remember his face, I asked him where, and with the naturalness of someone who is very sure of what he says, he replied: “you are Elianis Cutiño, journalist for Radio Cadena Agramonte, I listen to you every day, and you are doing very good work".

At that moment, the emotion filled my eyes to the point of tears, and although this man, whom I have not seen since then, does not know, that day he gave me the most beautiful gift that any press professional can receive.

When sharing the experience with my colleagues, the signs of joy were evident, which without a doubt, they also felt as their own or remembered the times when something similar happened to them.

And it is that the gratitude of those for whom we work represents a breath of fresh air when they feel their strength diminish, because of the fast-paced daily routine, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing ourselves useful, and we treasure moments like my meeting, moment from which I wear my dark circles with more pride. (Photo: File)