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Monday, October 26, 2020
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Film by Cuban Edesio Alejandro wins new award

Havana, Jul 30 - The film Mambo Man, by Cuban musician Edesio Alejandro and British-Iranian film-maker Mo Fini, received today a new award after being chosen as the Best Feature Film of the season at Best Global Shorts festival.

With this prize this film increased to 15 the awards won, including Best Director and Best Fiction Film at the Festigious International Film Festival; Best Feature Film at the Florence Film Awards; and Best Foreign Film at the Moody Crab Film in India.

'And today we reached 15 awards, […], I am very happy, congratulations to all my Mambo Man team, these awards belong to us all, […], all of you are indispensable, thanks to all,' Edesio Alejandro wrote on Facebook

This independent film, shot in locations of the eastern region of Cuba, was produced by Tumi Music, a British company that has recorded Cuban traditional musicians for years.

The film is starred by renowned Cuban actor Héctor Noas, with the special feature of musicians Cándido Fabré, María Ochoa, Arturo Jorge, David Álvarez, and Julio Montoro. (Prensa Latina)