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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Cuba gets ready to celebrate 60th anniversary of the CDR in a different way

Havana, Jul 30.- Sixty years after Fidel Castro proposed the creation of a collective revolutionary surveillance system, in front of the former Presidential Palace and before almost a million people, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) are celebrating it founding differently due to current health circumstances.

Carlos Rafael Miranda, national coordinator of the most agglutinating and massive Cuban organization, spoke with the Granma newspaper about the fundamental tasks that the CDRs have organized in this 2020 to honor the six decades of that civil society organization, even though the Covid- 19 impose an atypical celebration amidst other challenges.

“What we are most focused on is the consolidation of the urban, suburban and family agriculture movement. Our work has been of total accompaniment and joint work with the Ministry of Agriculture to identify, from the neighborhood, families interested in this practice, and in this way convince and mobilize so that each patio or balcony is used for home supply”, he pointed out.

Although the movement is still incipient, Miranda stated that from the tour that the CDR National Secretariat recently made throughout most of the country's territories, the contribution of many courtyards and plots to nurseries, homes for the elderly and other institutions in their communities.

On the other hand, one of the challenges that the organization brings this year is the prevention and confrontation of illegalities from the community, he explained.

Although the collective attention to possible crimes in the neighborhood is a task that the CDR must strengthen, other challenges have been presented this year for the organization.

During the pandemic months, it was a challenge to summon volunteer blood donors to contribute and save lives, while protecting theirs as well.

In this regard, Miranda said about 30 thousand donations have been made monthly, even in the midst of the most critical moment of the health situation, thanks to the will of the donors, but also to the coordination of the family doctor and nurse with the CDR.

Although there were provinces that failed to comply in this critical stage, the results are still encouraging, he assured.

While all these tasks continue to pave the way towards an anniversary that is increasingly worthy of the trust that Fidel placed in his people in 1960, the tributes that the CDRs also plan to the Moncadistas and Granma rebels enrich the day.

According to the national coordinator, voluntary works and drawing contests for children and adolescents, graphic humor and journalism, which reflect the reality of the neighborhood and the Cuban cederista family, will also be called.

The premise is the participation of all the people in an anniversary that, not being atypical, will go unnoticed, Miranda concluded. (ACN) (Photo taken from Granma)