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Monday, September 21, 2020
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Baseball teams begin preparation for 60th National Series

Havana, Aug 4.- The national baseball commissioner, Ernesto Reynoso, confirmed today that all the teams in the country have officially started preparing for the 60th National Series, scheduled for September 12 to come.

Reynoso explained that some cast members started on Saturday and others this Monday, using the main stadiums of the provinces or other auxiliary facilities.

In this regard, he pointed out that Holguín also began training today, despite the fact that last Friday he canceled the athletes' entry to their premises, taking into account the likely effects of Hurricane Isaías.

"All athletes are subjected to PCR tests to rule out that they suffer from Covid-19, and so far we have no positive cases," reported one of the highest priorities of the stage.

He also referred to the importance of having discussed and approved the preparation plans in each territory, with the aim of completing key steps in a short period that will lead to a more extensive campaign than in recent years.

Reynoso visited the Santiago Mederos Stadium in the capital today and shared appreciations with the members of Industriales, one of the main protagonists of the event.

Reynoso urged that the aspirations of the team go beyond the classification to the postseason, because the fans want to see Industriales in full action, either to win or lose.

From August 17 to 23, the preparation of the equipment is expected throughout the country; and from 25 to 29 the flag ceremonies, in which the athletes will exhibit the new uniforms with the pets.

On September 12, the voice of play ball will be given, with the fundamental game based on Matanzas-Camagüey at the Victoria de Girón Stadium. (Text and photo: JIT)