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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Thursday, August 6, 2020

Citizens of Camagüey urged to continue adopting hygienic measures

Camagüey, Aug 6.- With several Coronavirus confirmed cases in western provinces, from where national travelers arriving can cause the appearance of a new contagion in Camagüey, hygiene measures become essential.

This was stated in this city by Alfredo Leal Gutiérrez, head of the Acute Respiratory Infections Program in the territory, although 83 days elapse since the confirmation of the last patient in the community and he is going through the third phase of post-Covid-19 recovery.

For this reason it is necessary to maintain physical distance, using masks in public and closed places, or where there are crowds, and the washing and use of chlorinated solutions for the disinfection of hands.

The specialist in Hygiene and Epidemiology highlighted the importance of developing risk perception in the population during the current summer period, when there is high mobility of people to and from the western part of the country in private means of transportation.

There are currently eight isolation centers in Camagüey, where 59 people receive care, the vast majority of whom have come from other nations such as Costa Rica, Suriname, Spain and South Africa.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cuba, 8,229 PCR samples from Camagüey have been analyzed in the national reference laboratories, of which 49 cases positive for SARS-CoV-2 have been diagnosed. (Text and photo: PL)