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Friday, September 18, 2020
Monday, August 10, 2020

Cuban football attentive to Concacaf qualifiers

Havana, Aug 10.- Amid expectations for the Concacaf World Cup qualifying draw, announced for the second half of this month, Cuban soccer complies with the measures in place to face Covid-19 while following the evolution of the pandemic in the region. 

In this sense, the national commissioner, Oliet Rodríguez, recalled that the priority is attached to what is established by the health authorities to preserve the integrity of citizens, and therefore that of athletes, technicians and other members of that discipline.

He considered equally important to take into account that our geographical area is the epicenter of the disease, which allows for organizational difficulties, including air transfers to respond to the initial format, based on six groups of five teams each, led by El Salvador (A ), Canada (B), Curaçao (C), Panama (D), Haiti (E) and Trinidad and Tobago (F).

Another edge commented by Rodríguez points to the physical conditions of the athletes, due to the stoppage of tournaments and leagues in different countries or the failure to start others. "Cuba, for example, paralyzed theirs in March, and since then the preparation has not been ideal for an event of this type," he stated.

Regarding what was conceived in the technical order, he stated that constant control of the strategic athletes for the Olympic and World Cup cycle has been maintained in their territories, planning their training individually by the physical trainers and directors of each team.

He affirmed that as part of the design of the possible concentration, a dialogue is being held with Cuban players inserted abroad based on personal efforts.

"This means that for the first phase we would be playing without any impediment in our Pedro Marrero national stadium, where the integral improvement continues," he said, and mentioned the complexity of the treatment of the land, affected by overexploitation and unfavorable weather conditions.

He insisted that the facility will receive the athletes after actions aimed at guaranteeing them living conditions, with rooms equipped with what is necessary for their adequate rest and a renovated kitchen, and will have, from the end of September, a bus managed as part of development projects.

"Firm steps are being taken to consolidate the beginning of the next cycle of this renewed generation, which has the responsibility of qualifying for regional games and demonstrating that there is talent in Cuban soccer for its sustained takeoff," Rodríguez concluded. (Text and photo: JIT)