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Thursday, September 24, 2020
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

 Cuban Fire Department trained with technical standards

Havana, Aug 11.- The Cuban Fire Brigade (CBC) continued its process of harmonization with the standards of the Central State Administration Bodies, after updating its Technical Committee for Standardization No. 13 (CTN).

An initiative of this type is put into practice annually and contributes to the improvement of prevention actions against fires, specialists of the institution, of the Ministry of the Interior (MINNT) informed the Cuban News Agency.

They pointed out that such norms are the instrument of the State and specific to the Fire Department, applicable to organisms, political, social and mass organizations, which mandate the performance and observation of all persons, whether natural or legal, in the safeguarding of the conquests of the Revolution and its social assets.

According to the same source, its rehabilitation involved the Subcommittees designated by CTN No13, approved by the National Standardization Office, and the reestablishment of the Working Groups, in accordance with its Regulations at the regional level, where the provincial headquarters are grouped of the CBC for the preparation of draft proposals and revision of current regulations.

There is also a group that monitors the security process for new investments, with officials and inspectors by provinces who guarantee the review in all its stages.

The latter include micro-location, project review, site visits in the construction and assembly phase, usable certificate and start-up, for which more than 3,900 harmonization activities were carried out.

Regarding the attention to agencies, they explained that their Prevention Department promotes training, outreach, counseling, training, talks, conferences, home visits and vocational training jobs, among others.

Its objective is to guarantee adequate levels of protection for people, facilities, material goods and the environment, in conjunction with the Fire Protection Agency and the Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Cuba.

Likewise, it undertakes actions aimed at the control or inspections, audits on the state of the management system in correspondence with current legislation in the sectors of the economy, territories and the population in general.

In Cuba, the Fire Protection System provides the reduction of services provided to economic objectives and in the residential sector, in order to minimize the loss of human life and material goods, they stressed. (Text and photo: ACN)