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Sunday, November 29, 2020
Saturday, September 5, 2020

Anti-Doping Agency threatens to ban US athletes from Olympics

Washington, Sept. 5 - The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) could withhold US athletes from the Olympics and other international competitions in case the United States refuses to fund the organization, WADA president told Reuters, Witold Banka .

In June, the US Drug Enforcement Administration called on the country's Congress to consider withdrawing funds from the AMA if the organization did not take steps to reform itself. According to a report by the agency, the United States contributes, annually, with 2.7 million dollars to the financing of the AMA, the highest sum of all the member states.

"The consequences of the US withdrawal from WADA funding could be more severe and far-reaching for American athletes," Banka warned. "Several nations that were surprised by threats from the US Government supported by USADA [US Anti-Doping Agency] have contacted us."

“These governments want us to consider adding an amendment to the compliance standard, which means that a government's non-payment of its contribution to WADA could directly lead to that country's National Anti-Doping Organization being declared non-compliant of the World Anti-Doping Code ”, said the president of the organization.

According to Banka, this measure could inevitably have serious repercussions for athletes in that region, including their exclusion from major international sporting events.

For his part, USADA President Travis Tygart called the WADA threat empty and illegal. "Threatening the athletes of a country by the failed management model of WADA is an extraordinary and disappointing situation," he said. "It is worth it for executives to take the time to reform the AMA, make it strong and independent as everyone wants it" rather than attack its key partners, he added. (Taken from Granma) (Photo: RT)