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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Monday, September 14, 2020

New Cuban website developed to book tourist services on the island

Havana, Sep 14.- A new online platform will allow the commercialization of the Cuban tourism product, the result of the alliance between the International Group of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, Havanatur SA, and Cinesoft.

As reported on national television, it is the first global distribution system developed by Cuban professionals, designed to make the commercial management of Cuba's tourism more efficient and personalized.

With a well-defined objective: to allow the reservation of all services from the island in real time, say cars, accommodation (private houses or hotels), excursions, and make it available to the world to be sold. Non-state workers and young specialists in programming and network management joined hands in this common dream, materialized under the representation of Cinesoft.

Havanatur gave them the opportunity to retrace part of that path towards digital globalization in Cuba.

The new platform is designed for tourism 2.0 and arose from the need for "the country to have a tool capable of integrating all the services that this sector has".

According to the general director of Havanatur, initially, they studied different possibilities, feasibilities and potentials that the new product would offer.

In current times, this platform was born, created by a group of young people who, from computer science, establish alliances with the state sector in Cuba. (Taken from Cubadebate / With information from Excelencias Cuba) (Photos: Archive)