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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Friday, September 18, 2020

Bruno Rodríguez affirms that US military exercises threaten peace

Havana, Sep 18.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said today that the United States military exercises confirm that country as the main threat to peace in the region of the Americas.

In his Twitter account, the Foreign Minister said that the maneuvers, under the pretext of fighting drug trafficking,
demonstrate aggressiveness and disrespect for the will of sovereign nations in the area, and are a danger to peace and security in the hemisphere.

This Friday the exercises between the Colombian Air Force and the United States military began, which are scheduled until September 21. According to sources from the Colombian Army, the maneuver - called Poseidón - will take place in the maritime area of ​​Coveñas, in the department of Sucre.

The declared objective is to strengthen procedures and standards in the detection, location and neutralization of illicit activities at the service of drug trafficking, according to a statement released on September 15.

Within Colombia, there have been several voices opposed to the deployment of US military forces, including that of the opposition senator Iván Cepeda, who maintains that it is a severe blow to the peace process, since it encourages violence in vulnerable areas.

These military maneuvers disobey the decision of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca to suspend the authorization for US troops to operate in Colombian territory, he recalled. (Text and photo: PL)