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Saturday, October 31, 2020
Friday, September 18, 2020

Kazakhstan condemns US blockade and ratify solidarity with Cuba

Nur-Sultan, Sep 18.- The Kazakhstan-Cuba Friendship Association today condemned the US blockade in an online forum of solidarity with the Cuba, diplomatic sources reported.

The president of the association, Erkin Zhaikuli Sarkenov, during a teleconference pointed out that the North American blockade is the main obstacle to the economic development of Cuba and constitutes a flagrant, systematic and massive violation of the human rights of its people.

He added that there have been numerous statements adopted and published by the Association against what he described as a criminal, unjust and illegal US siege of Cuba, and condemnation of the intensification of the same by the administration of President Donald Trump.

Sarkenov also highlighted the declarations of support for the Cuban people in the face of damage caused by natural phenomena, in the face of tragic accidents, or of accompaniment to the process of discussion and approval in Cuba of the text of a new Constitution or during the elections.

The also internationalist fighter and veteran of the October Crisis of 1962, praised the unquestionable merits gained by the Cuban medical brigades of the Henry Reeve internationalist contingent in assisting the peoples of various countries.

In addition, he highlighted the example of altruism, selflessness, humanism and solidarity of Cuban doctors, which is evidenced even more strongly today, when the whole world faces the Covid-19 pandemic.

In it, the Henry Reeve 'contingent made a significant contribution to saving thousands of human lives, thus ratifying the position of the Association of Friendship with Cuba to join the global demand for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded.

He also commented on some of the areas in which cooperation and relations between Kazakhstan and Cuba are becoming more reliable, such as public health, the biopharmaceutical industry, sports, culture and tourism.

Likewise, Sarkenov referred to solidarity actions with Cuba carried out in cultural centers, schools and universities, as well as publications in different press media to bring objective and truthful information about the Caribbean island to the public opinion of the country. (Text and photo: PL)