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Sunday, October 25, 2020
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cuban Parliament assesses support against Covid-19 and law enforcement

Havana, Sep 22.- In the midst of extraordinary realities and great challenges such as those derived from the effects of Covid-19, the complex international situation and the growing aggressiveness of the United States, the National Assembly, its commissions, its deputies and their auxiliary apparatus reduced to a minimum, they have not stopped their actions aimed at preserving the health of the people and legislative activity.

As it became known in a meeting of Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the Cuban Parliament, with the permanent work commissions, two draft laws have been received in the supreme body of the State Power and are going through the process established for their subsequent approval.

The legislative initiative in both cases was exercised by the Council of Ministers, in accordance with the competence that corresponds to it constitutionally.

The first rule presented, consistent with the new Magna Carta, establishes the organization and functioning of the Council of Ministers and its Executive Committee, as regards the Prime Minister, the deputy prime ministers, the Secretary and other members of the Council of Ministers.

The second is aimed at prioritizing and centralizing, in a single legal body, with the rank of Law, the operation of the State in terms of Service and Foreign Action, in congruence with the principles of foreign policy and revolutionary diplomacy enshrined in the new Constitution.

After having been considered by the corresponding Permanent Work Commissions, the National Assembly Secretariat has arranged the distribution of the preliminary projects to the rest of the country's deputies, with the purpose of individual study and the debates and analysis in the territories before be submitted to the National Assembly, already as projects enriched with the contributions.

As on previous occasions, both texts will be published in a timely manner on the website, in which each one will contain the email accounts through which the population can send their opinions and proposals.

Regarding the Council of State, it was reported that it approved 10 decree laws and will soon consider another two.

The participants also learned about the results of the deputies' work in verifying compliance with the strategy to face Covid-19, based on a presentation made by Dr. Cristina Luna Morales, president of the Health and Sports Commission.

The report indicates that 53% of the total deputies in the 15 provinces of the country have remained linked to the Municipal Defense Councils in the place of residence, and that in Havana, given the re-outbreak of the virus, two groups of work directed by the presidents of other commissions of the National Assembly had visited a total of 10 capital municipalities.

He valued of great importance the exchanges with the neighbors of communities with foci or events, and the work sessions with the authorities of the territory, the presidents of popular councils, district delegates; In general, the people recognize the need for measures, in addition to the consecration of working groups at the base.

In all cases, the difficulties identified were exposed in the final meetings held with the Municipal Defense Councils. Among the problems enumerated by Luna Morales are the low perception of risk, social indiscipline and the presence of people in the streets, not only in queues.

In some places, there was a lack of social communication aimed at the participation of the people in the implementation of the measures, problems with the quality and systematicity of the investigation, and evidence that the agreements adopted by higher structures are not always implemented in the manner indicated.

At the meeting, held at the National Capitol, a review was made of agreements from previous meetings, on the actions of organization, preparation and participation of the deputies and commissions, mainly in matters related to the economy, food production, services and saving energy carriers, among others.

Taking into account the accumulation of tasks that the National Assembly must face before the end of the year, and the circumstances in which the country is developing, Esteban Lazo Hernández directed the reinforcement of the work of the commissions of the Cuban parliament, and highlighted the value of the information they collect by being in contact with the people, their representatives and the authorities in the territories. (Text and photos: Taken from the site of the Cuban Parliament)