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Monday, January 25, 2021
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Jazz Vilá Project premiers first Cuban online series

Havana, Sep 22.- It is necessary to support more than ever culture, art and theater as a genuine and legendary form of entertainment, the Cuban actor and director Jazz Vilá published on his social networks about the online premiere of his most recent costume or makeup proposal.

As the first series made in Cuba for the Internet comes this installment of Jazz Vilá Project (JVP), created with love, according to its main manager, "so that viewers continue to enjoy theater at the worst moment in its modern history", referring to the serious situation facing the sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the world.

Typical Cuban humor will be the fundamental ingredient of this staging that, like others by the popular artist and his company (Skyscraper, Eclipse, Farándula), bet on comedy to invite reflection, but, above all, to offer a choice of entertainment that, judging by the box office that their proposals have been, has worked for the audience.

The group, with five years of creation, adjusts to current times and gives away a theatrical series of eight chapters with an approximate duration of three minutes each, which will reach everyone twice a week, from the YouTube channel JVP Plus, developed for the occasion.

In the privacy of the make-up dressing room of the Pandora Theater as the only location, the conflicts of the characters in this play will be woven, in a "succession of fights and misunderstandings that show life inside a theater", according to a company note.

The staging will make the performance, in leading roles, of Roberto Espinosa, and Malú Tarrau, a young actress who stood out since her childhood in the Children's Theater Company La Colmenita and that has reached the cinema in productions such as Viva Cuba (2005) and Looking for Casal (2019).

The cast will include members of the group such as Cinthia Paredes, Michel Pentón and Marlon Pijuán, along with Ernesto Escalona, ​​Isis Santiago and Mark Rafel.

On the other hand, the actors Luis Silva and Heidy González, the stylist Dorian, the influencers Daniela Reyes and Carnota, the singers Haila Mompié and Hansel Delgado Hernández from the Los Ángeles group, will participate as special guests, among which actresses Amada Morado and Miriam Learra stand out.

Jazz Vilá Project already accumulates extensive experience working on the Internet, as it has always been a very active group in that medium from the publication of various content.

A few months ago he presented Farándula Live from Instagram, revisiting one of his most successful productions as part of the challenges of staying faithful to art, creation and commitment to his followers in the midst of the difficult epidemiological situation in the world. (ACN) (Photo: Taken from the profile on Fb. De Jazz Vilá Projects)