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Monday, October 26, 2020
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cuba opposes campaign to justify intervention in Venezuela before Human Rights Council

Geneva, Sep 24.- Cuba strongly condemned in the UN Human Rights Council the campaigns aimed at creating the conditions to justify a military aggression against Venezuela and demanded its immediate cessation.

"We reject this alleged interactive dialogue, which is nothing more than an aggression resulting from an interventionist and politically motivated resolution," said here the Cuban diplomat Lester Delgado, in a debate devoted to the report of an alleged verification mission of the Council on the situation of the human rights in the South American country.

By speaking at the forum of the 45th session of the body of 47 member states, he ratified the island's invariable solidarity with Venezuela and its rejection of the use of the Council and human rights mechanisms to continue the unconventional war against Caracas.

It is a war accompanied by almost two decades of sustained media manipulation, with which the United States and its allies seek to justify military action, he denounced.

Delgado expressed Cuba's rejection of the report presented by the mission, which he described as irresponsible and spurious.

"Its authors and promoters will be complicit in any aggression against the integrity and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, and will find before them the firm sword of Bolívar," he stressed.

At the Human Rights Council, whose 45th period meets in this Swiss city from September 14 to October 6, the diplomat insisted on the island's condemnation of the criminal unilateral coercive measures and the economic war against Venezuela.

In this regard, he recalled the theft of billions of dollars deposited in banks in third countries and other actions aimed at causing harm to the people of the South American nation.

We are facing serious violations of International Law and the UN Charter, which are even more serious in the current context of Covid-19, he warned.

Delgado demanded respect for the legitimate right of Venezuelans to sovereignly decide their destiny and recognized the efforts of the government of President Nicolás Maduro to maintain peace and understanding.

In the forum, the Venezuelan ambassador, Jorge Valero, discredited the verification mission, which he called a phantom and subordinate to Washington's interventionist plans.

Valero urged the UN Human Rights Council to bet on dialogue and cooperation, instead of selectivity and lies, embodied by the group of alleged experts who reported here on Wednesday. (PL) (Photo: File)