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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The peoples of the world need effective and immediate solutions, says Marrero Cruz

Havana, Sep 30.- In the voice of its prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuba made itself heard once again in the debates promoted by the 75th Period of Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, to note how the global impact of Covid-19 has added urgency to the old demand to reorganize the international financing commitments aimed at developing countries.

Marrero Cruz highlighted how the effects of the pandemic cross borders and negatively affect the different spheres of society, with more damaging consequences in the aforementioned nations, where response capacities to the epidemiological contingency have been diminished.

To the growing health expenses and the paralysis of the economy and international trade, there are other problems that are not new, but that this disease has left more than ever in evidence, such as food insecurity, he said.

The Prime Minister added that the global crisis situation is further aggravated by the protectionism of the United States, its trade wars and unilateral coercive measures, among which he highlighted the economic, commercial and financial blockade of extraterritorial scope imposed on the island for 60 years , and that now it is getting worse to prevent the Greater Antilles from accessing supplies essential in the health care of his people.

He said that the global challenges imposed by the current situation should lead the world to seek solutions on the same scale, inclusive and innovative, without discrimination, or political, economic or other exclusions; a claim shared by many countries, especially by the poorest or developing countries, given the urgency of having new and additional resources to face common challenges.

Although he demonstrated Cuba's support for the proposals for foreign debt relief, Marrero Cruz argued that "the unpayable foreign debt carried by the countries of the South must be eliminated," he said.

In concluding, he demanded that international commitments be fulfilled in terms of official development aid, the increase in external financing under fair conditions, as well as access to markets and technology transfers, and on behalf of the peoples of the world, he added they need "effective and immediate solutions". (Taken from Granma) (Photo: Estudios Revolución)