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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Producers urged to update work for current times

By Jorge Luis Moreira Massagué / ACN

Camagüey, Sep 30.- Almost a lifetime dedicated to agriculture, make the farmer from Camaguey Ladislao García Acosta a benchmark of how much can be done to urgently temper productions to current times, especially in the field of livestock, where bet on obtaining goat's milk.

This producer is the leader in the province of a project on genetic improvement, animal feeding and management with protein plants for goats, which emerged several years ago and is being successfully applied by other colleagues in the country today.

Based on an intensive, organic, rational and environmentally friendly agriculture, Ladislao affirms to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), that this initiative provides an improved breed, from the Creole, with Nubian stallions and high productivity, and easy to adapt to environmental conditions.

The average of the females is between one and two liters of milk per goat, although Ladislao, already 73 years old and still very dedicated to this livestock, reached four liters a day in two milkings.

Associated with the José Antonio Echeverría Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), located in Loma de Urabo , Florida municipality, this food stands out for its social use, intended for children with intolerance to other types of milk.

That of goat - García Acosta added - has high nutritional values, and is the result of working with small livestock in reduced areas.

In general, the program pursues self-sufficiency through the reproduction of low-cost small ruminants, using food from agricultural harvest waste and protein plants, routines that are also promoted by farmers from the aforementioned municipality located southwest of the provincial capital.

Faced with the global crisis that the planet is experiencing, largely motivated by Covid-19, it is necessary to think about providing solutions from the local to short-cycle biological problems, among which are various crops and other species such as rabbits, goats, and quail, said the prominent farmer.

The experience of this producer was one of the 24 presentations presented at the Science and Technology Forum, which with proposals focused on increasing productions and under the premise of developing an organic and sustainable agriculture, were held by the members of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in Camagüey.

In the scientific day, other topics stood out, such as adaptation of plows to perform various functions, mechanization of processes in mini-industries and in agricultural tasks, and alternative technologies in the production of feed. 

The planting of bananas with vitroplants , urban agriculture, results of animal traction, genetics, and the imperative to continue incorporating protein plants into the diet of animals, mainly in livestock, focused the exhibitions. (Photos: Rodolfo Blanco and Miozotis Fabelo )